Our Mission

  • To promote research on advanced analytical methodologies, using cutting-edge instrumental techniques, in variety of research fields, including Food Chemistry as well as Enviromental, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry

  • To bring state-of-the-art mass spectromentry expertise, methodology, and instrumentation to the National and Kapodistrian University’s research and infrastructure

  • To provide answers to enviromental problems on emerging micropollutants and their (bio)transformation products through a holistic research approach, including monitoring, fate studies and ecotoxicology

  • To contribute to food authenticity, safety and quality issues, meeting society’s demands on trace adulteration detection, geographical and varietal origin distrimination and food contaminant evalutuation

  • To develop sophisticated software and advanced chemometric tools to be used as supporting non-target tools for data treatment and evaluation of results conserning food and enviromental safety and quality monitoring

Group Members

Nikolaos S. Thomaidis, Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Marilena Dasenaki, Post Doctoral Researcher
Maria Christina Nika, Post Doctoral Researcher
Reza Aalizadeh, Post Doctoral Researcher
Chryssa Kanakaki, Post Doctoral Researcher
Marios Kostakis, Post Doctoral Researcher
Nikiforos Alygizakis, Post Doctoral Researcher
Dimitrios E. Damalas, Ph.D. Candidate
Georgios Koulis, Ph.D. Candidate
Maria Katsa, PhD Researcher
Anthi Panara, Ph.D. Candidate
Sofia Drakopoulou, Ph.D. Candidate
Anastasia Kritikou, Ph.D. Candidate
Panagiota Katsianou, Ph.D. Candidate
Andreas Androulakakis, Ph.D. Candidate
Varvara Nikolopoulou, Ph.D. Candidate
Ioannis Martakos, Master Student
Elena Panagopoulou, Master Student
Georgios Gkotsis, Master Student
Katerina Galani, PhD Candidate
Ioanna Barla, Master Student
Elvira Efstratiou, Master Student
Apostolis Karagiannidis, Master Student
Maria Glyniadaki, MSc student
Natalia Papalouka, MSc student
Androniki Vrettou, MSc student
Konstantinos Vasilatos, MSc student
Ilias Tzavellas, MSc student
Eleni Aliferi, MSc student
Anastasia Koupa, Technician
Evagelia Kritikou, Technician
Panagiota Langi, Administrative Support
Foteini Tsiakoulia, Administrative Support


Our research focuses on:

  • High Resolution Mass Spectrometric target, suspect and non-target screening workflows for the identification of knowns and unknowns in environmental and food samples

  • Hyphenated techniques, liquid chromatography hyphenated with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)

  • Application of multivariate pattern recognition techniques on large data sets for classification, feature selection, prediction, data reduction and modelling

  • Environmental chemistry of emerging micropollutants and their (bio)transformation products