Nikiforos Alygizakis ~ Post Doctoral Researcher

Nikiforos Alygizakis
Post-doctoral Researcher at NKUA
Phone: +30 6977157230
ORCID: 0000-0002-5727-4999

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Research Interests

  • Automated data processing workflows for LC and GC HRMS
  • Advanced statistics and chemometrics techniques for prioritization of peaks in LC and GC HRMS
  • Identification of unknown compounds using not-target screening workflows
  • Digital archivation of LC and GC HRMS chromatograms
  • Wide-scope retrospective screening of emerging contaminants in digitally-archived samples
  • Wide-scope non-target screening for the identification of river basin specific pollutants
  • Application of bioassays to assess the biological responses of environmental samples
  • Determination of Antibiotics, Transformation Products and Antibiotic Resistant Genes (A&TPs&ARGs)
  • Application of prioritization decision trees to propose emerging contaminants to be regulated
  • Investigation of the fate of emerging contaminants in the environment
  • New emerging technologies to achieve the widest possible chemical coverage (e.g. Use of Hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) in monitoring)
  • Big data, construction of databases and interfaces