Sofia Drakopoulou ~ Post Doctoral Researcher

Drakopoulou Sofia
Post-doctoral Researcher at NKUA
Phone: +302107274430

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Research Interests

General research interests: Method development, Food Authenticity, Adulteration, Metabolomics, Lipidomics, High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS), Trapped Ion Mobility (TIMS), HRMS data treatment and chemometrics.
• 2022: “SAFFI”, Safe Food for Infants in China and the EU
• 2022: Cardioprotective properties of farming gilthead sea bream enriched with biologically active lipids from olive oil by-products, “ELAIOTSIPOURA” (Avramar-Nireus), 2022
• 2018-2022: Development of advanced high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) methods for the thorough characterization of olive oil (Ph.D. Thesis)
• 2019-2021: Chemical characterization and discrimination of wines Assyrtiko’s variety, cultivated in Santorini, under the vinification of “7 villages” (Sigalas)
• 2018-2021: Emblematic action – The Olive Road (funding: Ministry of Education)
• 2018-2021: Novel wide-scope research for the promotion of N. Aegean olive oil and olive products through the designation of their unique characteristics and bioactive content (funding: North Aegean Region)
• 2018: EMBLAS II, EU/UNDP Project: Improving environmental monitoring in the Black Sea. Analysis of water framework priority substances and screening of black sea specific pollutants in water biota and sediment samples obtained during the National Pilot Monitoring Studies and Joint Open Sea Surveys and risk assessment of identified pollutants
• 2016-2018: Targeted metabolomics for the detection of pomegranate juice adulteration (M.Sc. Thesis)
• 2014-2015: Development of a mass spectral database for targeted screening of emerging pollutants using LC-QTOF-MS (B.Sc. Thesis)