Ioannis Martakos ~ Ph.D. Candidate

Martakos Ioannis
Ph.D. Candidate at University of Athens
Phone: +30 210 7274631

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Research Interests

General research interests: Method Development, Sample preparation techniques (solid phase extraction), Reversed Phase-Liquid Chromatography (RP-LC) Food Authenticity, Food Metabolomics, High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS), Mass Spectrometric Detection, Separation Techniques and Mass Spectrometry, Olive Oil and Derivatives, Environmental Analysis, Lipidomics, Foodomics

2018 –2020: Emblematic action – The Olive Road (funding: Ministry of Education)
2018 –2021: Novel wide-scope research for the promotion of N. Aegean olive oil and olive products through the designation of their unique characteristics and bioactive content (funding: Prefecture of North Aegean)
2019-2021: ELAION – Study and Exploitation of olive oil as innovative raw material for special industrial applications to baby food products
2020-present: Omega 3-Nutricare – Research and development of high nutritional value anti-inflammatory functional foods, enriched in n-3 fatty acids sourced from Greek fisheries and farming byproducts.