Trace Analysis and Mass Spectrometry (TrAMS) research group has participated in the 6th International Mass Spectrometry School (IMSS2023,, which was held in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy) from September 17th to September 22nd, 2023. This event, which was organized by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation, provided an invaluable opportunity for our four PhD Candidates (Eleni Aleiferi, Konstantina Diamanti, Eleni Panagopoulou, Georgios Gkotsis) who were among the attendees.

During IMSS2023, our PhD Candidates immersed themselves in a rich learning experience from fundamental principles of Mass Spectrometry to practical applications. The school offered them the chance to participate in collaborative problem-solving sessions, attend lectures from expert tutors in the MS field, and communicate and exchange ideas with other researchers. Furthermore, our dedicated researchers presented the recent outcomes of their postgraduate studies.


Investigating the potential of novel polymer-based MALDI matrices for the detection of compounds of low molecular weight by leveraging MALDI-HRMS analytical workflows
E. Aleiferi, M. Tsakanika, D. E. Damalas, A. Kritikou, G. Sakellariou, N. S. Thomaidis


Leveraging LC-TIMS-QTOFMS for addressing analytical challenges in chemical exposome studies
K. S. Diamanti, D. E. Damalas, G. Gkotsis, E. I. Panagopoulou, M.C. Nika, C. Baessmann, B. Galvin, N. S. Thomaidis

This poster was selected to be presented as a short oral presentation


Investigation of the potential biotransformation of different pharmaceuticals in zebrafish embryos (Danio rerio), utilizing LC-QTOFMS and LC-TIMS-QTOFMS
E. I. Panagopoulou, D. E. Damalas, E. Aleiferi, V. Tzepkinli, N. S. Thomaidis


Unveiling the chemical universe of PFAS in biota using a combined targeted and untargeted workflow, utilizing LC – VIP HESI (-) – tims – QToF MS
G. Gkotsis, D. E. Damalas, C. Baessmann, B. Galvin, N. S. Thomaidis

We are pleased to announce that all our Ph.D. Candidates have been honored with the Nico Nibbering Travel Award for their participation in the IMSS2023. Nico Nibbering travel awards have been established by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation to support student participation in conferences/schools.

Prof. Nibbering was a passionate advocate for young scientists and supported the education and career development of mass spectrometrists from many countries around the world through his mentorship and the delivery of education and workshop programs. The Nico Nibbering Student Travel Awards serve to honor his many contributions to international mass spectrometry and build on his legacy of supporting young scientists in this field.