Professor Thomaidis, is invited in the media tomorrow, to present and discuss the findings of TrAMS group on sewage epidemiology research during the outbreak of Coronavirus. Wastewater samples were collected on a daily basis and were analyzed for the presence of pharmaceuticals, antidepressants, psychotropic and illicit drugs and their metabolites, and hundreds of other chemicals. Based on the results, the consumption of cocaine, amphetamine and methamphetamine was increased during the lockdown. Several antiviral drugs were detected in real time, revealing the mixture of drugs used for the cure of COVID-19. Increase of antidepressants was also observed. Various disinfectants were also determined. Stay tuned for more information tomorrow at 06.45 am on Mega Channel, 08.00 am on Greek National TV (ERT) and at 09.30 am on Open Beyond.