Evangelos Gikas ~ Professor in Analytical Chemistry

Evangelos Gikas
Professor in Analytical Chemistry at University of Athens
Phone: +30 210 7274850
e-mail: vgikas@chem.uoa.gr

Research Interests

General research interests:

  • Mass spectrometry basic research and applications including metabolomics, lipidomics, fragmentation mechanisms – fragmentation mechanisms explained by quntum chemistry, natural products chemistry by mass spectrometry,
  • Development and validation of quantitation methodologies in bulk drug and biological fluids and tissues (brain, CSF, urine, plasma, EBC, cells), Metabolism, Stability of drugs and formulations, Total quality control of herbal pharmaceuticals,
  • Large scale experimental design,
  • Synthesis of fluorogenic reagents, synthesis of packing materials for frontal affinity chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (FAC-MS),
  • Chemometrics including new methodologies for the chemometric treatment of metabolomics data, chemometrics / multivariate analysis and experimental design in analytical chemistry,
  • Quantum chemical studies of materials designed for fluorescence derivatization reagents using DFT, ab-initio, molecular dynamics and high-level CASSF calculations