Our Group’s PhD candidate, Ioanna Barla, was awarded the Second Best Poster Award in 12th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis: Modern Trends and Applications, IMA Conference 2021, which successfully took place between 20-23 of September as a Virtual Event.

Ms. Barla, participated in the conference with the following poster & video presentation: Combination of library-free and library-based metabolomics protocols for the characterization of anti-cancer drug Carfilzomib administrated to mice (I. Barla, P. Efentakis, S. Lamprou, P-E. Nikolaou, E. Kastritis, MA. Dimopoulos, E. Terpos, I. Andreadou, N. Thomaidis, E. Gikas) and acquired the Second-Best Poster Award.

At the poster, Ms. Barla, presented our work on the investigation of side effects of anti-cancer drug Carfilzomib on blood’s pressure regulation by causing renal’s function dysregulation. To fulfill our goal, we developed library-based and library-free metabolomics approaches, we applied and evaluated different software tools and commonly used data treatment workflows and compared their efficiency to explain metabolome’s differentiations. We achieved to determine metabolites which are characteristic for renal damage, supporting the initial medical case, and to broaden our knowledge on metabolomics, MS-DIA, pseudo-MSMS creation and features’ identification.

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