Welcome to the website of Trace Analysis and Mass Spectrometry Group

Clean Environment and Food Safety through
better Trace Analysis and Mass Spectrometry Research

The Trace Analysis and Mass Spectrometry Group has several missions:

  1. to promote research on advanced instrumental techniques, mainly hyphenated (chromatography with optical and mass spectrometry)
  2. imgto develop fast, simple, sensitive, accurate and precise methods for organic and inorganic trace analysis using advanced separation and spectrochemical techniques
  3. to provide answers to environmental problems on emerging micropollutants and their (bio)transformation products through a holistic research approach, including monitoring, fate studies and ecotoxicology
  4. to contribute to food safety and quality issues, meeting society’s demands on environmental contaminants, veterinary drug residues, migration from food contact materials, additives and preservatives


A new article for consumption patterns of licit and illicit drugs in Greece at Environmental Science and Technology: Νikolaos S. Τhomaidis, Pablo Gago-Ferrero, Christoph Ort, Niki C. Maragou, Nikiforos A. Alygizakis, Viola L. Borova, Marilena E. Dasenaki “Reflection of socio-economic changes in wastewater: licit and illicit drug use patterns” Environmental Science & Technology2016, 50(18), pp 10065–10072 (doi: 10.1021/acs.est.6b02417; pdf PDF).

A new article for the development and application of strategies in non-target HRMS screening for the identification of suspect and unknown polar compounds in the environment (pdf PDF).

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