Georgios Koulis ~ Ph.D. Candidate


Georgios Koulis
MSc in Chemical Analysis-Quality Control

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Date of Birth 04/07/1988
Place of Birth Nikaia, Pireaus, Greece
Workplace Address Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry,Department of Chemistry, University of Athens


2006 – 2012

B.Sc. in Chemistry (2006-2012), University of Athens, Grade: 7.38/10.00

2012 – 2015

M.Sc. in Chemical Analysis-Quality Control, University of Athens, Grade 9.14/10.00

12/2015 – present

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, University of Athens

Research topic

  • Master Thesis: “Determination of hydrolyzed protein molecular weight on fish feeds using size exclusion chromatography and uv detection”, Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry Department, University of Athens, Greece
  • Ph.D. Thesis: “Development of new high resolution mass spectrometric methods for food authentication and adulteration”, Laboratory of Food Chemistry, Chemistry Department, University of Athens, Greece

Research Interests

  • Method Development and validation
  • Ultra-high Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC)
  • High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS)
  • Food authenticity and adulteration
  • Application of target, suspect and non-target screening workflows for the identification of new biomarkers in food matrices
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Use of advanced chemometrics tools for data treatment of HRMS data
  • Environmental Analysis (monitoring of priority pollutants and emerging contaminants in environmental samples)
  • Determination of organic compounds by different chromatographic techniques (HPLC-UV, LC-MS\MS, GC-MS\MS, GC-ECD, GC-FID)
  • Determination of inorganic anions by ion chromatography (IC)

Professional Affiliations

  • Association of Greek Chemists (2012-present)
  • Hellenic Society of Mass Spectrometry (2014-present)
Scholarships - Awards
  • Scholarship for Ph.D. studies, Greek Research and Innovation Institute, 2017-2018